Why should my Nonprofit use the Give app? Back to Top

Give is intended to complement your nonprofit’s existing fundraising activities. Our goal is to be a platform for Nonprofit self-promotion and to make charitable giving simple, secure and tax-deductible for donors. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can download Give for free, find any 501 (c)(3) organization in the country and send money in a matter of minutes.

Is there a sign-up fee? Back to Top

No. Your Nonprofit pays nothing to get started with Give. You can register and begin customizing your page, free of charge.

How are donations processed? Back to Top

Donations are processed by our nonprofit partner Network for Good, a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance accredited industry leader in processing online donations. Network for Good, in technical terms, is a “donor-advised fund,” a 501(c)(3) organization that collects contributions from donors and distributes such contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the IRS as designated by the donor.

Who is Network for Good? Back to Top

Network for Good is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers nonprofits and corporate partners to unleash generosity and advance good causes. Network for Good helps nonprofits raise funds for their missions through simple, affordable and effective online fundraising services and offers free training through an online learning center, interactive online community and webinar series. Network for Good also works with companies to help refine a cause strategy perfectly suited to business and philanthropic goals and implements effective cause initiatives powered by their proven donation platform. Network for Good has processed more than $1 billion in donations for more than 100,000 nonprofits since their 2001 founding by AOL, Cisco and Yahoo!

What are the transaction fees? Back to Top

We want every donation to have the greatest possible impact, so we have kept our pricing as low as possible. A 4.75% grant is made to Network for Good to support the expense of maintaining the technology to process and distribute your donations. This is the only deduction made to the donation. There is also an opportunity for the donor to add a “tip” to the donation to help Give fund its mission.

When will my Nonprofit receive donations? Back to Top

Payments are sent to nonprofits on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month. For example, donations processed in February will be paid on March 15th.

How will donations be sent to my Nonprofit? Back to Top

Checks will be sent to your nonprofit’s address as listed in GuideStar and will include an insert describing how to access the donation.  If Give users choose to give anonymously, we will not include contact information in the donor information.

Can donors set up recurring donations to my Nonprofit?Back to Top

If donors opt to keep their credit card on file, they have the option to authorize our processing partner, Network for Good, to charge their credit card on a predetermined schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually) to process a recurring donation.  Neither Give nor Network for Good store donor credit card numbers – we only store an authorization code that verifies the recurring transaction.  We use industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep the donor’s personal information as secure as possible and protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information.

How can I change the address listed for my Nonprofit?Back to Top

To change the address listed for your Nonprofit profile in GuideStar go to your Guidestar Account. Updates will be shared with Give and Network for Good for future payments.

What donor information does Give provide to my Nonprofit?Back to Top

Registered Nonprofits on Give have access to donor information that includes name, email, physical address, amount of donation, and the date/time of the donation. However, donors are given the option to donate anonymously, in which case only the amount and date/time of the donation is provided.

How can my Nonprofit access donor information?Back to Top

To access donor information, you can login to Network for Good’s donation tracking report in the Network for Good Account. You will need to establish a login using your Nonprofit’s nine-digit EIN number. Once you are registered, you will have access to a real-time online report detailing information about your donors who have chosen to share their contact information.

Can my Nonprofit receive payments electronically?Back to Top

Yes! To get your donations more quickly (and to save paper!), have them sent to you electronically via electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can sign up on the Network for Good Electronic Payments page.

What is GuideStar?Back to Top

GuideStar collects information on nonprofits from the IRS and other sources and organizes it into one of the most respected databases of information about nonprofits. To qualify for a Charity Account on the Give app, nonprofits must be in the GuideStar database and recognized as a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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